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Hi, y’all. My name is Dana, and I’m a land whale.

Hi Dana…

Once upon a time, I thought it would be a swell idea to start a weight-loss blog with a low-carb focus. At the time I began that blog, I was pretty annoyed at some of the stupid advice everyone, including dietitians and low-carb bloggers and Paleo bloggers and vegans, were giving to fat people and type 2 diabetics. (I wasn’t type 2 at the time–not so sure now–but it runs in my family and I was at least prediabetic.) So I thought that instead of just logging my weight loss I would also write the occasional screed about this or that stupid thing going on. I decided to name the blog The Low-Carb Curmudgeon because I felt for all the world like that grouchy old guy waving his cane and yelling, “GET OFF MY LAWN, YA DAMN KIDS.” And I’m not even an old guy. Or a young guy. Or any sort of guy. Though I do often joke these days about where my cane got to.

Yay for being in my forties.


Well, the blog went pretty OK for a while. I got the occasional comment-drama or Facebook-Page-drama but nothing I couldn’t deal with. And then I started having issues in my personal life and man, I am so tired of having those particular personal issues. I had made such good progress, lost more than fifty pounds and even had old acquaintances coming out of the woodwork saying I had impressed them (woo), and then I let this stupid personal thing derail me. That’s all on me. I should have stuck it to the problem person in question just to show him what he was missing. Which would have been equally immature but I wouldn’t be a land whale now.

It took me a while to get OK again from that experience, in which time I gave up on the blog and dropped the Facebook Page and left the Twitter account sitting. But eventually I came up with a new blog name, started a new Facebook Page, and renamed the Twitter account. And since then I’ve restarted the blog probably five or six times.

This time (March 2017) I hope to make it stick.

If you’d like to come along for the ride, you’re certainly welcome. Social media links are in the right-hand column. Even if you don’t remember my old blog, and it’s just as well if you don’t.

What does the blog title mean? Basically, this: I don’t think I’m a bad person for being a land whale. I just joke about being a land whale because it’s laugh or cry. (It’s SO WEIRD to have started out at normal size and to now be twice my original adult size. Weird, disturbing, off-putting. I’ve never been totally okay with it.) I also don’t think you’re a bad person for being overweight or obese. (I will refrain from calling you a land whale. I don’t actually think you are one. I just joke about my being one.) I’m sure you’ve had well past enough of people calling you names or thinking you’re a bad person. Let’s just let go of that idea RIGHT NOW and move forward. Because we’re not doing anything wrong, but there’s very likely something wrong with our health. I know in my case I have blood sugar issues and probably a hormonal imbalance. So I need to deal with that, and I need to lose the weight anyway. Not because being fat is evil but because I just need to take care of myself, and if I do it right I suspect I’ll drop at least a few clothing sizes.

Maybe you want to drop some clothing sizes too. If so, maybe something here will help you. Or not. Might be worth a look, anyway.

Welcome aboard.