The past month

Dad visited here for about a week. As I wasn’t prepared for him to be here, I think my decision to not worry about my diet overmuch was understandable, if not sound. And then after he left we sort of skidded financially for a while, and I still didn’t want to worry about it. I […]

Clearly I need to batch cook

I’m sitting here typing this and listening to my father snoring away on my couch. He was supposed to visit in June but things shifted and he called me more recently saying he wanted to come visit April 3, give or take. Between that and a fairly broke last week or so before payday I’ve […]

So far, so good

I started low-carbing on Monday and it took all of 24 hours to get back into ketosis. I’m really not surprised since I kept carbs so low. I think most people having trouble getting in are keeping their intake at 40 grams and up, and then they wonder why it’s so hard. Dr. Atkins said […]

So far, some obstacles

I haven’t Officially Started diet-wise yet, though I ate considerably less crap today than I had been accustomed to doing. I guess the crappiest thing I had was what was left of a bag of seaweed crackers I had bought last week. I didn’t want to leave them there tempting me. It’s a cracker that […]

First post. For real this time.

So, a long, long time ago (it seems like), I kept a blog called The Low-Carb Curmudgeon. During the time in which I kept that blog, I lost something like fifty pounds. While I was losing those fifty pounds I gained more than a thousand “likers” on the affiliated Facebook Page and more than 300 […]