Staturday, 27 May 2017

Hello again. I’m actually writing this on Memorial Day even though I weighed in on Saturday because well, I got some energy back and I’ve been CLEANING. I KNOW! Not even my own stuff! Kitchen mess and second-floor mess. Long story. Skip to the end. Let’s pretend this was posted on Saturday. I’ll even date […]

Staturday, 20 May 2017

Hi! I’m back! I’m alive! I’m kinda doing okie-dokie!

20 May 2017weigh-in261.2 lbs53.1 percent fat

20 May 2017weigh-in34.6% water

Basically since my last weigh-in-on-the-site I’ve contended with making excuses and going back to junk, at first as an avoidance tactic against having to explain every little thing I’m avoiding to my visiting father, […]