There are two ways I want to track my journey on this blog. I have set up blog categories for both of them.

If you want to follow my weight tracking, click here (does not open into a new window or tab) for all my weigh-in posts. I will also periodically take a screenshot of a generated chart of my progress just because it’s fun. And, I will include bodyfat percentage and water percentage with my weigh-ins because bodyfat percentage is more important than weight, and the water thing is just plain interesting.

If you want to see progress photos, click here (ditto) for all posts with progress photos. I do not promise you won’t reach for the brain bleach or the Eyeball Brillo, but I feel it benefits me to see where this is going because if I never look at myself head-on I tend to get a distorted concept of what my body is shaped like, which is part of how I got into this mess to begin with. (You know how some slender women are convinced they’re fat? Well, I was never convinced I was skinny, but if I don’t watch it I start thinking I’m smaller than I actually am. Even with clothing fit testifying to the contrary. No bueno.)

At some point maybe I’ll put together some montage photos or something. That’s not high on the priority list when I first wrote up this page (April 2015), obviously.