So far, so good

I started low-carbing on Monday and it took all of 24 hours to get back into ketosis. I’m really not surprised since I kept carbs so low. I think most people having trouble getting in are keeping their intake at 40 grams and up, and then they wonder why it’s so hard. Dr. Atkins said to start out at 20g net for a reason; maybe people could start listening to him and they might get somewhere. (Lately I’ve noticed more and more “experts” coming out with stuff that he was saying 20, 30, and 40 years ago. Really. It is to laugh.)

Be that as it may, I might have switched over in a day but I wasn’t totally, physically okay. I still had a touch of carb flu. One interesting symptom I experience is that if I’m going into ketosis and I don’t eat enough fat, I feel kind of headachy and thirsty. That’s the closest I can describe the sensation. It’s not fun, but eating fat and drinking some water makes it mostly better. Although I had to medicate the headachiness and sometimes even that didn’t totally help.

And then today I felt so much better when I woke up. Maybe my brain’s working on ketones now like it’s supposed to do. That’d be nice.

I need to do more batch cooking and prepping. I’m finding myself casting about for easy eats and that way lies madness. I could really use some fat bombs and also, I’d like to put together some homemade low-carb gummy bears to get more glycine into me and also perhaps utilize for medicinal purposes. For instance, I found a recipe for anti-inflammatory gummy bears a while back. I could totally go for that. I seem to be the inflammation queen for, well, at least a decade and a half now. I’m stunned I haven’t had a heart attack yet.


I SHOULD get in a weigh-in tomorrow morning. No promises because there is a LOT going on this weekend and I don’t know how flustered I will be when I wake up.

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