So far, some obstacles

I haven’t Officially Started diet-wise yet, though I ate considerably less crap today than I had been accustomed to doing. I guess the crappiest thing I had was what was left of a bag of seaweed crackers I had bought last week. I didn’t want to leave them there tempting me. It’s a cracker that has a layer of seaweed on one side and some kind of crunchy stuff, probably baked rice, on the other. Total carbs for the whole bag was 27g which, really, if you consider I’ve been getting at least ten times that for far too many days in the past five years(!!!), isn’t too bad at all.

Then there was beef brisket, fingerling potatoes, and carrots in the Instant Pot. So add some more carbs on with the crackers because yes, I had some potatoes. No idea how much it wound up being, probably still less than 100g total. Not net, though with the potatoes still being in their jackets and being smaller, I probably got a good amount of fiber in there.

I think starting tomorrow is realistic. I need to spend some time tonight setting things up so I can report intake properly. Having to work too hard to report intake is going to make it really hard to track.

I also need to GET UP EARLIER. My sleep quality has suffered for a long time, which has probably helped screw up my weight. But on top of that, I want to start out having three distinct meals a day. (And I use the word “meal” very loosely for breakfast and lunch, but it’s intake, so close enough.) Gives my insulin time to drop in between meals, should help with fat loss. And if I get up earlier and plan things out I should be able to have breakfasts and lunches at relatively normal times and then dinner won’t be a big deal.

Another obstacle I’m currently dealing with besides not wanting difficulty in reporting my intake and not having good sleep habits is I’m afraid to go into keto.

I don’t think it’s dangerous. If anything I feel wonderful on it. But going into ketosis feels like I’m slamming a door behind me that I had really wanted to leave open.

And that makes no sense. What door, exactly??? The one where I go into full-blown type 2 (if I’m not there already–we can have it for years before it gets really destructive)? Where I crack 300 pounds, which I’m less than 30 away from? Where I can’t wear shoes anymore because I’ve already had my one pair for something like seven years and they look like boats because my feet got fat and stretched them out? Where no one can even recognize me anymore because all my facial features got buried in lard? Where I need a special device to wipe my own ass because I can’t reach it anymore?


So I probably should stop being so damned nonsensical.

Okay, just needed to get this out there and public. You’re welcome. Hopefully better news tomorrow. I have the Ketostix ready to go and everything… let’s stop being ridiculous.

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