Staturday, 20 May 2017

Hi! I’m back! I’m alive! I’m kinda doing okie-dokie!

20 May 2017
261.2 lbs
53.1 percent fat

20 May 2017
34.6% water

Basically since my last weigh-in-on-the-site I’ve contended with making excuses and going back to junk, at first as an avoidance tactic against having to explain every little thing I’m avoiding to my visiting father, and then finding it difficult to get back to eating sensibly after he left. Some of that is my own crap but it was also just complicated when we kept running out of money.

But! I finally got a hold of myself. And for all the BS, I don’t think I got over 265 the whole time I was off the rails. And now I’m lower than that.


Height: 5 ft 6 in

Weight: 261.2 lbs (down from 267.2 lbs)

Bodyfat: 53.1% (down from 53.2%)

Water: 34.6% (unchanged)

I mean, that’s three pounds a month, not awesome, but better than it had been previous to that, when everything was on a general upward trend. I’ll take it.

I’m HOPING to get photos soon as a Before, since six pounds lost doesn’t look like much on a fat chick. But I need to figure out how to do that. I get mentally blocked about writing blog posts if they’ll need to be photo-heavy, so I’m not making any promises.

I’m weird.

I know I’m weird.

Try living in my own head, that’s even weirder.

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