Staturday, 27 May 2017

Hello again. I’m actually writing this on Memorial Day even though I weighed in on Saturday because well, I got some energy back and I’ve been CLEANING. I KNOW! Not even my own stuff! Kitchen mess and second-floor mess. Long story. Skip to the end. Let’s pretend this was posted on Saturday. I’ll even date it as being on Saturday. Okie-dokie? All-righty-roony. Here we go.

27 May 2017
259.0 lbs
51.8% fat

27 May 2017
35.5% water

Height: 5 ft 6 in

Weight: 259.0 lbs (down from 261.2 lbs)

Bodyfat: 51.8% (down from 53.1%)

Water: 35.5% (up from 34.6%)

I’m in no way ready to run a marathon, but being able to do things around the house instead of sitting in my living-room chair in a fog is huge. And I knew this would happen, and it’s happened before, if I would just quit being stupid and stay keto.

Because yep, keto all this time. Do not know whether I’ve been in nutritional keto at all because I can’t afford the blood-ketone test strips and I’m not sure I could get a doctor to prescribe them. The sticks are perfectly happy with me though. The one I did Sunday was lighter, but I’ve also been drinking more water.

All in all, not too shabby.

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