The past month

Dad visited here for about a week. As I wasn’t prepared for him to be here, I think my decision to not worry about my diet overmuch was understandable, if not sound. And then after he left we sort of skidded financially for a while, and I still didn’t want to worry about it. I can only take so much hassle at any given time.

The problem when finances get weird is that groceries are not a priority bill. They should be, because we have a growing child in the house, but for some reason they really aren’t. And then we wind up getting restaurant food (or pre-prepared grocery food), which costs too much, which means we go broke faster, which means we still don’t go to the grocery store, which makes low-carb eating even weirder. I mean, if I wanted to zero-carb we’ve got meat in the freezer but I don’t want to zero-carb so there it is.

BUT. There should be light at the end of the tunnel now. I need to make sure it’s not an oncoming train, but I just ordered my whey protein again and when that gets here I should be set to last until payday doing this the way I originally wanted to do it.

Let me explain. No, is too long. Let me sum up. No, is too tired. I explain later.

But! Soon I’ll be back on the wagon. Probably too late to get into that DietBet I wanted to join, and I’ll be too broke to throw into the pot anyway, but maybe next month. Sigh.

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